How to Adjust Your Attitude

4 Ways to Instantly Change Your Attitude

What if all the dreams you’ve ever wanted to achieve were right in front of you all along, and it just took at change in attitude to realize that there were there? Here are 4 ways to instantly change your attitude.

Attitude = Altitude

Attitude is an inward feeling expressed by an outward behavior. This inward feeling stems from our inner thoughts. Our thoughts are determined by the questions we ask ourselves. The key to producing the most productive inner thoughts is to ask ourselves the right questions.

What kind of questions can we ask ourselves to produce a positive mindset? We should ask ourselves empowering questions like: “How can I become a champion?” as opposed to “Why am I a loser?” Our thoughts and emotions determine our actions, and our actions determine our success, so it is imperative to saturate our mind with correct perspectives.

The TRUE YOU chooses to exercise the mind with positive, proactive perspectives which moves you toward your goal. Your authentic self visualizes the goal in each situation as though it already exists. As a runner trains for the Olympic Games, he rehearses in his mind his entire race and sees himself receiving the gold medal. Applying these visualization techniques will help him train like a gold medal Olympic athlete because in his mind he already is a gold medal champion.

#1: Turn Obstacles Into Opportunities

Life is full of barriers that can obstruct our view for success. Life’s delays are not denials. When obstacles arise, the right perspective gives us the ability to view those obstacles as opportunities. The right attitude gives us the ability to rise above our circumstances. Opposition is opportunity in disguise.

#2: Ask Yourself the Right Questions

The questions you ask yourself determine your thoughts. The right questions produce the right thoughts and emotions. Asking yourself the right open ended questions forces your brain to come up with solutions to persist forward. This stimulates the creative faculty of the mind.

Instead of allowing the brain to default to an exit strategy and accept your circumstances as failures, you need to create a new route for your brain by forcing it to come up with a solution. How we choose to see our circumstances makes all the difference between persevering and giving up.

#3: Think Positive

Words are powerful. Positive thoughts and affirmative self talk can fuel the mind and direct the subconscious towards an empowering mindset. It is important to fill our mind with positive thoughts, ideas, and quotations from people who inspire us. Being proactive in our thinking will also enable us to be a positive influence as we communicate with others.

Filling the day with affirming, positive conversations limits the amount of negative thoughts that can disrupt the flow of progressively moving forward. Negative thoughts are draining, while positive self talk and thoughts are invigorating. Stimulating our mind with positive words and thoughts will help to activate positive emotions.

#4: Activate Positive Emotions

Positive emotions move us forward toward our goal. Our emotions dictate how our attitude is going to be expressed. Strong positive emotions help drive us toward achieving our goals. A clear, optimistic mind produces the necessary emotions needed to reach our objective.

It’s All in the Attitude

Action is an outward expression of our attitude. When we fuel our mind with the right thoughts our emotions will best be equipped to trigger a positive action. It’s been scientifically proven that our attitude can even help to rehabilitate an illness or health problem. Laughter and positive thoughts build our immune system. A healthy attitude helps to create a healthy mind, body, and soul.

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