How to Visualize

6 Imagery Techniques to Visualize a Better Future

High level athletes are great at using their imagination. Utilize the following imagery techniques to help achieve your goals and stay in the Zone.

1. Decide to make a change in your life.

It all starts with a decision.

2. Imagine the new change.

Incorporate a positive emotional response with the new change in your mind as you utilize as many senses as possible (i.e. auditory, visual, taste, smell, and/or touch). Imagine yourself living with these new changes.

3. Write down your desired goals in the present tense (I AM Statement), as if they have already happened.

Read them multiple times throughout the day. Put them on your screensaver, planner, dresser, mirror, refrigerator, and/or car visor as a constant reminder and motivator.

4. Link a negative experience or emotion to the current situation that you are looking to improve.

Attach a great deal of emotion to it and incorporate as many senses as possible. Here’s an example of various techniques that you might use if you are trying to change your body composition: You can ask yourself, “What would life be like if I didn’t make the change? Would heart disease, heart attack, or death be an issue if I didn’t make the change?

After associating negative thoughts with the possibility of not making the change, you can then transition to questions that would render a positive response that is associated with the new goal. Can I enhance my performance, prolong my youth, increase my vitality and strength or boost my energy?

5. Interrupt the old pattern.

Whatever you are doing that could be considered negative, change it. Replace old bad habits with new empowering habits. For example, eat a POWER MEAL instead of poor quality fast food options.

6. Imagine the new you in the future.

Create a movie in your mind and combine it with the answers to the questions you asked yourself. Make sure it’s clear and vivid. See yourself succeeding. The more you dream, the more that dream will become real. Envision yourself with the new change. Be detailed about your movie. Let your creativity and imagination take you to places that you’ve never been before. Remember to incorporate a lot of intense desire and emotion.

Have faith that your goals will become real. You will find that your goals will appear to be real when practicing this technique. For example, if you want a promotion at work, you need to create that movie in your mind, rewind it, and replay it over and over. Live your promotion in your mind before it manifests physically. As you apply this technique, your actions will reflect your thoughts; and you will live as if you are promoted. Apply this technique to any and all aspects of your life that you want to change.

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