Learn what Super Fitness has to do with being a Complete Athlete.

Why the Complete Athlete Requires Super Fitness

If you really want to be a complete athlete, it’s going to require a lot more than exercise and diet. Find out what a complete athlete really is and what Super Fitness has to do with achieving it.


One who proactively and consistently works toward increased performance in body, soul and spirit is a whole athlete. A whole athlete seeks “performance wellness,” which is utilizing all areas of your body, soul and spirit in a cohesive manner providing you with the arsenal to maximize your true self.

It’s not only essential but vital to include the body, soul and spirit synergizing to create the whole athlete. To think otherwise is pure ignorance. That may sound bold, because it is. We can’t achieve greatness by being timid. And if we can’t help you achieve greatness then we have failed. We can’t bare that thought. Greatness for you is our aim. Anything short of that is mediocrity. We refuse to dwell there.


After 20 years of study of human behavior, performance enhancement, psychology, human observation, trial and error, and personal experience, Tayler realized that fitness applied much deeper than just the body and a strong mindset. He concluded that it’s holistic and is inclusive of the soul and spirit.

The mindset, will, drive, wisdom or conscience was not being addressed to lead the body. Adding these key elements are the only way to be a complete or whole athlete which are vital to the success of becoming super fit. Tayler sought out a solution to what he calls a ‘crack in the foundation’ of many of people he observed. “You can’t build a POWER HOUSE life and body on a weak foundation. It’s not a matter of ‘if’, but ‘when’ your house comes crumbling down.” Tayler coined the term ‘super fitness’ based on this observation.


Imagine the possibilities if you were performing at your peak potential not only in body but in soul and spirit as well. Imagine ones spirit, soul and body synergizing for maximum output. Super healthy is part of being super fit.

How do you know if you are super fit? The obvious is how the body performs in the following modalities: power, strength, agility, accuracy, stamina, balance, coordination, flexibility and endurance. For body, we also need to consider and measure blood, organ, cellular and bone performance. For soul, we need to consider and measure emotional well being, our mental state and personal will. For spirit, we need to consider our conscience, our connection with our Creator and others and how we are applying the knowledge we gain.

The performance of the soul is vital to the performance of the body. A fragmented soul (mind, will and emotions) can be measured in lack of desire, wrong motives, negative emotions and weak mindset, to name a few. For example, a person with financial stresses or marital problems may have a strong will and desire but a weak mindset.

Emotional stress will prevent one from living out their peak potential. The performance of the spirit is critical to the performance of the soul which then impacts the body. Without the application of the right insight, a consistent connection with like-minded people with like vision and obeying your inner conscience directing you to ‘next level’ living, mediocrity will be the space in which you live, resulting in never reaching your fullest potential. One who refuses this truth and lives in body alone will never be super fit.

We believe everyone is called and designed to be super fit; body, soul and spirit. We believe fitness starts first with an inward change then an outward change naturally just happens. The body is the bonus. That being said, true physical fitness (super fitness) is inclusive of the various modalities that encompass endurance, stability, strength, power, agility, coordination, balance, accuracy, stamina and so on, while also inclusive of the above mentioned characteristics. We’re not talking just fitness, we’re talking life. In essence, this is not physical fitness, this is life fitness. This is super fitness. This is fizikel® fitness.

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