Why a Sexy Body Will Never Be Enough

Why a Fit and Sexy Body Will Never Be Enough

Whether you’re into fitness or not, you probably desire having a fit and sexy body. Problem is, no matter how fit and sexy you get, you probably won’t be satisfied. Find out why and what you should really be aiming for.


Imagine you were crowned the fittest male or female in the world with a fit and sexy body that you’ve dreamed of. You possess incredible strength, power, agility, accuracy, stamina, balance, coordination, flexibility and endurance. As a man, you’re an aesthetic specimen much like that of a marveled greek statue. As a women, you are a toned, sexy, feminine iconic beauty.

Physical and aesthetic prowess are enviable and appealing attributes that many of us desire and aspire to uphold. But, is this complete fitness? Let’s ask a deeper, more pointed question. Is achieving this type of physical fitness completely fulfilling?

So, let’s say you were crowned the fittest athlete on the planet. Woohoo! Way to go. Here’s your medal. In five years you’re forgotten about. That’s the reality of it.

People, whether they are willing to admit it or not, desire something greater. A world record or being number one just isn’t enough. Life is more about legacy, the imprint you will you leave behind and the impact you will have on others. Having a body that is fit in both aesthetics and physical performance should be put to use, not just for personal pleasure or solely self gain, but for the achievement of passion and purpose to accomplish a destined mission. One’s life mission is ‘others focused’.


How do we prepare our body for legacy and impact? Firstly, we need to recognize that numbers on a white board are just one way to measure bodily performance. Which, by the way, is a great tool. It’s just not complete. Additional questions we need to ask ourselves when it comes specifically to the body are…

What’s the performance and health of my bones, blood, cells and internal organs? Real fitness, or ‘complete fitness’ addresses and/or recognizes that these other areas are part of the performance wellness equation.


In addition to a fit and sexy body, we also have the soul and spirit. The soul is comprised of our mind, will and emotions. Our spirit consists of our conscience, also known as the ‘gut’, the connection we have with our Creator and others and the application of knowledge which we can call wisdom. To not address and/or recognize that the the soul and spirit are vital components playing a major role in overall fitness or ‘complete fitness’ is foolishness.

What you really need is complete fitness, or what we like to call Super Fitness.

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