How to Find Your Why

How to Find Your Why and Use It to Achieve Almost Anything

The “why” is the fuel that drives you toward your task, goal or mission, and it gives you the fortitude to persist regardless of how you feel and what your body is telling you.

The Why kicks in and says “GO” when everything else inside and around you is saying “no.” The Why is the very reason for being and takes some soul searching to find. You really need to dig deep within and ask yourself the right questions.

Sometimes the Why chases you down. This happened to me one summer when I developed a youth empowerment program in a Jersey shore town, predominantly for inner city youth. Most of these kids never crossed the tracks to the other side of town nor were they exposed to existing possibilities beyond their community.

My mission was to help the youth step out of their comfort zone, leave the familiar, and expose them to things they’ve never seen or done before. I wanted to really inspire and instill in them that the impossible is something that hasn’t been done until somebody finally does it.

What I’ve learned is that a strong Why can’t just be focused on oneself.

It also has to be directed at empowering someone else. What ‘DIG DEEP’ questions can you ask yourself that can direct you to finding your Why?

Finding the Why Through Challenges

I needed to find a challenge that would inspire these kids towards something that they initially thought to be impossible. So I came up with the idea of paddling from NYC harbor to a Jersey Shore beach town. Great. One problem. I’ve never paddled before. Not to mention, I had to pull this challenge together in about six weeks with logistics, sponsors, training etc. How do I start?

So far, I’ve got the Why. What’s next? I had the Why, but I had to figure out the How?

If the Why is strong enough the How will take care of itself.

Your Why can fuel anything from a CrossFit WOD, Spartan Race, beach run, Kettlebell Sport competition, paddle session, Tough Mudder, Triathalon, Strongman, Yoga practice, MMA fight or something as simple as a family bike ride or friendly competition amongst coworkers.

Refresh your mind and reinvent your body as you cross the abyss from the ordinary to the extraordinary. By engaging a new mindset and adopting a new belief system you will begin to ignite the inner hero that dwells within you. As you gain momentum from your success you will be on your way to attacking life’s greatest challenges with fierce intention and bold action.

As you embark upon this journey, our hope for you is that you consistently exercise fizikel’s life performance formula and modalities and thrive in living out your very own fizikel® lifestyle.

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