Proper Alkaline State

How to Maintain a Proper Alkaline pH State

Maintaining a slightly alkaline pH in your body is important. If your pH level drops, it means that your body is becoming more acidic. When the body’s environment becomes acidic, your cellular health is affected and the risk of various aliments increases.

This state of acidosis is a stressor on the body. When there is a shift in our pH level from what is considered normal, our body responds by trying to correct our acid-alkaline balance. When food is metabolized, the residue left behind influences the body’s pH. Since our body is slightly more alkaline, we need to consume a diet that is alkaline based.

The Danger of an Acidic Diet

An acidic diet will affect our bodily tissues and blood which will cause the body to work harder to try to eliminate these unwanted elements via the kidneys, colon, skin, sinuses, and other mucous membranes. If this process is prolonged, the immune system can be depleted which increases our risk of disease. When our cells consistently remain in an acidic state, it has been known to lead to the loss of bone mass, kidney stones, and decrease growth hormone levels.

This acidic environment is a breeding ground for viruses and bacteria. When growth hormone levels plummet, body fat will increase and lean muscle tissue will be compromised.

The following acronym will help you remember how to maintain and/or regain an alkaline pH state:

Emotional fitness
Right exercise
Include green drinks

Emotional Fitness

Harnessing your emotions will naturally reduce acid within the body. It is important to take time each day for some deep breathing and meditation to help relax and refocus the mind, body, and soul. Realizing that negative emotions produce acid is the first step. Then changing your mindset to not allow them to interfere with your homeostatic cell function is the next step.


We need to eat a base line diet of fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are the most alkaline followed by sprouted seeds, sprouted beans, millet and buckwheat. A diet consisting of roughly 70% of alkaline foods is recommended.

Vegetables are high in chlorophyll which makes them highly alkalizing. These live, green, leafy vegetables are rich in chlorophyll and are energy forming; therefore, when we consume them, we get the energy from the sun just as they did. Chlorophyll is known to cleanse and help remove toxins from the blood. It is also known for cellular regeneration, improving transportation of oxygen in the body, and the production of red blood cells.

The following suggestions will help promote a blood alkaline pH:

  • Eat foods in their most natural state (i.e. no processed foods).
  • Eat mostly raw foods (cooking makes food more acidic).
  • Eat a plant based diet.

Right Exercise

Proper exercise enhances our oxygen intake and increases the ability to sweat which in turn helps to detoxify the body.

Include Green Drinks

Supplementation from a good green drink will further balance out the body’s pH level which will increase healthy cell function. Greens can be purchased in powder form or fresh dark leafy vegetables can be juiced or blended.


Periodic cleanses are necessary to detox the body. These cleanses can range from 3-4 days to 7-10 days and consist of pure liquids.


Staying hydrated with pure water while not polluting the body with highly acidic beverages such as coffee and soda is essential for ridding the body of toxins.

ENRICH your life by applying the above principles regularly so that you may live long and strong.

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