Strengthen Your Game Using This Technique

One of the Best Things You Can Do to Strengthen Your Game

There are few things you can do to strengthen your game better than this technique. It may not be easy, but the long term gains will be enormous if you can pull it off.

The TRUE YOU surrounds himself or herself with wise trustworthy sources to strengthen your game. We are either moving forward or we are moving backward; there is no in between. Surrounding ourselves with the right people will help give us insight and encouragement to become the best that we can be.

The five closest people that we spend the most time with are often a direct reflection of ourselves. So if we don’t like the person we’ve become, we need to change the people we spend time with.

The TRUE YOU recognizes the importance and value of surrounding himself with like-minded people who complement him. This creates a synergistic environment where people can benefit from each other’s strengths. This environment allows like-minded people with similar visions to motivate and support each other.

A strong network of trustworthy people whom we can seek wise counsel from is a key ingredient for growth. Having teammates in business, sports, or life is extremely helpful. Seeking out a mentor who has accomplished what we are looking to accomplish will help to refine our skills and build our character.

Surrounding ourselves with other champions who strive to achieve greatness will not only encourage but challenge an individual
to maximize their TRUE SELF. Avoid spending time with the armchair quarterbacks who love to give advice but rarely get involved in the game.

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