Donica Storino has competed Nationally and Internationally in Kettlebell Sport, receiving 9 Gold Medals including 6 Master of Sport International Class and 3 Master of Sport. You can now train with her online using her Online Kettlebell Sport Course!



GET READY TO LEARN ESSENTIAL TIPS AND TECHNIQUES ABOUT KETTLEBELL SPORT. Learn from Donica Storino, the first female to compete in Long Cycle with a 32kg kettlebell in the world! Here Donica explains exactly what you're going to learn using her course.

Learn Everything You Need to Know to Train Effectively

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What You'll Learn with Donica's Help:

  • Proper GS Lifting Technique
  • Kettlebell Sport Programming
  • Competitive Lifting Techniques
  • How to Breathe Properly 
  • Tips & Tricks for Each GS Lift
  • How to Hold the Bell for High Reps
  • How to Address Your Weaknesses
  • Follow-Along Training with Donica
  • The Benefits of GS for General Fitness

What People Have to Say About Donica

Shane Melaugh

Donica Storino is not only a world champion, she is also a powerful example of focus, will power and belief in self. She is a literal dynamo in kettlebell sport, able to lift kettlebells heavier, faster and for more reps than most men that are 3 times her size. Seeing is believing. If you have the chance to train with Donica, take advantage of it. It will make you a stronger person.

Steve Cotter, Director of IKFF, www.IKFF.com

Shane Melaugh

Donica Storino's online coaching program is amazing and makes you unbeatable! Donica helped me achieve first place and Rank 1 at the 2016 California Open Kettlebell meet in double bell 12 kg Long Cycle. She pushed me physically and mentally prepared me for the platform and my set. The right mindset can make or break you and Donica's approach to lifting is unlike any other. Learn from a world class athlete and a unique individual who's talents go beyond lifting bells herself. Donica is a champion coach as well!

Lisa Balash, Kettlebell Bombshell, www.KettlebellBombshell.com

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With this instructional video series you'll get instant access to 14 complete videos designed to introduce you to Kettlebell Sport, improve your understanding of essential training techniques, and learn how to progress your training more effectively than ever before.

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