The Prosperity Paradox: Is Success Killing You?

The Prosperity Paradox: Is Success Killing You?

Prosperity is not always synonymous with living healthy. It’s quite the opposite actually. Learn more about the Prosperity Paradox and why success could be killing you.

The Okinawans


When America established a military base after the war in Okinawa, the Okinawans had peace, jobs, and prosperity. A shift in lifestyle brought upon westernized eating habits with fast food restaurants along with a decline in physical labor.

This shift in lifestyle created a paradox of prosperity. The Okinawans, as we know, are known for living long, but those who adopted this new prosperity lifestyle had a significant decline in their overall health.

The Average American Dilemma

The average American businessman works long hours trying to achieve a certain level of status and material gain, yet often he pollutes his body with toxic “on the go” fast foods, lacks exercise and rest, and carries high stress levels with little stress releases. This is like driving a car without consistent maintenance.

This ‘working harder not smarter’ lifestyle will prevent someone from being healthy and performing well over a lifetime. The irony of it is that he will think he is getting ahead, but in actuality his mind, body, and soul are slowly breaking down due to such an imbalance in his life. An unbalanced lifestyle will lead to many problems which may surface years later.

A person will work hard for his life savings and then spend his life savings trying to repair himself. Life is a marathon, not a sprint. It is important to slow down, so we can perform better, keep our bodies healthy, and live long and strong.

The Champion’s View of Prosperity

A champion looks at prosperity in a different way. A champion recognizes the need to live a balanced lifestyle in order to be fulfilled. He sees that his overall success comes from a healthy balanced lifestyle because performance is directly linked to a healthy body.

Hard work and perseverance are woven into a life of wholeness which focuses on taking care of the mind, body, and soul. We are given one body in life. The way we choose to live out our life will directly affect the length of time our body will function at its optimal level of performance.

Champions stay in tune with their bodies by listening to their innate intelligence. Knowing our body and being able to reduce stress with relaxing social activities help us to be healthier and perform better. In fact, it’s those refueling moments that help a champion reach his peak potential.

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