What Are Enzymes and How Do They Impact Fitness

Eating properly requires a lot more than choosing Diet Coke instead of regular. If you want to really enhance your body’s homeostasis, you need to know what enzymes are and how the impact your health.

Once food is heated to roughly 107 degrees, enzymes are the first of the nutrients to begin to die off. Enzymes are necessary for the function of all other nutrients. They help with the absorption of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. When the temperature reaches 122 degrees, the enzymes are completely destroyed which considerably depletes the nutrient value of the food.

Enzymes & Raw Foods

Raw foods are not only nutrient dense and enzyme rich, but they also create less stress on the digestive system. Enzymes are required for cellular regeneration and are critical components in creating homeostasis within the body. Through the extraction of minerals from the soil and the process of photosynthesis, living plants are formed. As we consume these living foods, we are able to fuel our cells with living nutrients.

Enzymes Are the Builders

Enzymes are responsible for building protein in the bones, repairing the immune system, digesting food, regenerating skin, and helping the body detox. When eating cooked foods, the enzymes produced by the body are depleted because they have to aid in the digestion process.

These enzymes are drawn from their current daily duties of rebuilding and repairing the body to aid in digestion. Eating live food helps the body work more efficiently because it doesn’t cause additional digestive stress on the body.

The Impact of Enzymes on Your Workout

Our enzymes directly impact our body’s way of regenerating, therefore they affect the aging process. Keeping our enzyme levels up will keep us young and aid in our body’s reconstructive process. It is especially important to have optimal enzyme levels after a workout; otherwise, our body will not efficiently repair itself. This stress could accelerate the aging process.

Consuming a daily diet of live raw fruits and vegetables will help to keep an enzyme thriving environment within our body.

Although there is not an abundance of protein in raw vegetables, the quality of protein is very high because heating has not altered the natural state. As we heat protein, the amino acids within the food are altered. Over 100 different essential vitamins, minerals, and trace minerals have to be obtained in the right amounts to avoid deficiency in the body.

Consuming a variety of fruits and vegetables will help supply the body with the necessary macro and micronutrients needed for sufficiency. Consuming lots of keenly marketed synthetic vitamins will not fully help in vitamin and mineral sufficiency. These synthetic vitamins are toxic and often do more harm than good. It is better to invest your money into organic fruits and vegetables that will assimilate more nutrients into the body rather than toxic, synthetic vitamins that won’t fully assimilate.

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