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  • how you fuel your body and mind
  • your passion, insight, and goals
  • …and any products or services you have that can help others Work the Letters better.

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    Take your time and dig deep as you thoughtfully and honestly answer these questions. The more serious you take this exercise the more you will equip yourself and others in taking your fitness, sport and life to the next level. Be legendary. Be FIZIKEL.

  • 1 - FUEL

  • Fuel is anything that you personally consume on any given day from the quality of food you eat, the air you breathe, the water you drink, the hair and skin products you use, the music you listen to, the programs you watch, the conversations you partake in, and so on. The fuel you take in on a daily basis will either increase your performance or decrease it.

    Dirty fuel kills. The cleaner the fuel, the better the ride. "Garbage in - Garbage out."