Work the Letters. Be Legendary.

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Find your Fitness and attack anything, anytime, anywhere. Build your body from the ground up as you get stronger, faster, leaner and in the best condition of your life. Work the ranks and move through the FIZIKEL Smart designed system of Endurability, Strength and Power Phases. With over 160 days of strategic progressive workouts this will take your fitness to the next level. Gain access to our fitness library with hundreds of videos to show you exactly how to execute proper form and technique along with hundreds of types of options with different equipment for all fitness levels.


Gain access to:

  • All 3 Phases (Endurability, Strength, and Power Workouts)
  • Ingredients of the Workout including Movement Prep, Prehab, Burst, Long Endurance, and Regeneration/Flexibility
  • Video library with endless variations of the Squat, Hinge, Push, Pull, and Down & Out movements
  • Video library of our tools of choice including the Bar, Bell, Body, Ball, Bag, Band, Chain, Plate, Rope, Sledge, and Suspension
  • …and more workouts


  • 7 Epic Workouts


Find your Fuel and Get LEAN and MEAN! Eat like a caveman, eat off the land or somewhere in between. We’ve got you covered whether you're into paleo, vegan etc. We take all the guesswork out of what and how to eat. Build your Power Meals and fuel your fitness for optimal results with our Recipe suite.


Gain access to:

  • Grocery List. (This 'must have' resource is essential for your next grocery run.)
  • 8 Power Recipe Books including:
    - Shakes (You have to try our lil' hERCules! A FIZIKEL Member staple)
    - Breakfasts (You have to try our Paleo Pumpkin Pancakes!)
    - Salads (You have to try our Mango MISFIT!)
    - Meals (You have to try our Bison BALLS!)
    - Salsas, Spreads, and Dressings (You have to try our HEMP SEED PESTO!)
    - Sides (You have to try our GO GO Zucchini Boat!)
    - Soups (You have to try our Vegan Blackbean Soup!)
    - Sweets and Treats (You have to try our Almond Butter Dawgs!)

FIZIKEL Fortitude

Leaders are readers. This is where the rubber meets the road. The high output achievers that will truly ‘Work the Letters’ will see the absolute best results. Knowledge is power… when applied. With the Fortitude Membership, you will be able to access the entire suite of knowledge-based ebooks. This will surely equip you with the tools you need to understanding ‘Why’ and ‘How’ to ‘Work the Letters’ for maximum success in fitness, sport and life.

Shirtless man flipping heavy tire at crossfit gym
Shirtless man flipping heavy tire at crossfit gym

You will:

  • Find your Fuel
  • Learn to understand the principles of nutrition
  • Learn to make eating easy
  • Learn how to fuel pre and post workout
  • Find your ‘why’
  • Get the RIGHT Goals
  • Get a laser beam focus
  • Learn how to turn obstacles into opportunities
  • Learn how to ‘self-check’ your progress and make adjustments for maximum results
  • Learn and understand the FIZIKEL Kinetic philosophy of ‘stragegic progressive movement and what we call ‘Smart Fitness’ for maximum results, health and injury prevention
  • Engage your Power Team
  • Learn the life secrets of the people who are living the longest
  • …and then make this your own lifestyle.

Gain Access to:


fUEL 1.0

Diets come and go, but a lifestyle program is what we need in order to live long and strong. Understand the principles of nutrition and make adjustments when necessary while maintaining a long and strong nutritional baseline as the foundation to your nutritional lifestyle program. Take your first nutrition step to building your POWERHOUSE body and life.


fUEL 2.0

Dig into your tool belt and learn the nuts and bolts on how to build your POWERHOUSE in the shortest time possible. We start by building your foundation with power macros (protein, carbs, fats...). Next, we build your walls with micros (veggies). Finally, we lay the roof down with 'next level' power nutrients. It's time to take your next nutrition step to building your POWERHOUSE body and life.


fUEL 3.0

Now that you have taken the foundational steps to building your POWERHOUSE it's time to take it to the next level. Be equipped on how to fUEL pre/post workout with varied durations. Gain travel tips and learn how to supplement correctly. Take your final nutrition step in building your POWERHOUSE body and life.



Find your ‘why’ and you will have your iNSPIRE to achieving your desired goals. Top performers in all spheres of influence have goals and write them down. Now let's take it a step further and write those goals in the present tense. This is where ‘I AM’ comes into play. The status quo states you must ‘do’ something before you can ‘BE’ something. Greatness states that you must ‘BE’ before you ‘do’.


zONE 1.0

The zONE is a personal place of extreme focus where even the greatest storms of life can’t penetrate. If you lack desire, fortitude, discipline, and resilience it’s very possible that there may be a weak link in your personal ‘I AM’ statement. A strong desire and ‘why’ forces you into your personal zONE. ‘MY Zone’ is where fitness, fuel, and fortitude integrate as ONE in the form of my (daily focus) ‘I AM’ goals. Being in the zone daily engages me to perform at my peak potential.



You can’t conquer what you don’t confront, and you can’t confront what you don’t recognize. Where am I now? Before a house is remodeled or built there needs to be an assessment of the condition of the home. You have to know the condition of your house before you can build your powerhouse body and life. What is my current performance wellness state (spirit, soul, and body)?



Our environment, whether that may be globally, regionally, locally, or our home, all impact our body. There is a direct correlation between the health of the earth and the health of our bodies. As the earth becomes more polluted, it impacts the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we consume. Living a fizikel® lifestyle is even more important when having to combat these environmental stressors. These stressors can come in many forms ranging from a global to household level.



FIZIKEL® is a philosophy, as well as, a system that is flexible and adaptable to our individual needs. Whether you are a pro-athlete or a novice, you can apply these kINETIC principles and techniques. FIZIKEL® kINETIC training integrates resistance, core, interval, and cross training into functional movements while utilizing deep breathing, flexibility and cardiovascular activities to create a complete lifestyle movement program. Various forms of movement, from beginner and moderate to intense workouts, can be incorporated into the FIZIKEL® kINETIC training system and philosophy. The premise behind this system is to create a lifestyle program that incorporates resistance and cardiovascular training in a functional setting while promoting proper rest and recovery. There are many ways in which this can be achieved. We've already done the work. All you have to do is follow our kINETIC P1, P2, and P3 program.

Engage 1.0-edit

eNGAGE 1.0

Iron sharpens Iron. The TRUE YOU surrounds himself with wise trustworthy sources to strengthen his or her game. We are either moving forward or we are moving backward; there is no in between. Surrounding ourselves with the right people will help give us insight and encouragement to become the best that we can be. So if we don’t like the person we’ve become, we need to change the people we spend time with. A strong network of trustworthy people whom we can seek wise counsel from is a key ingredient for growth. Having teammates in business, sports, and life is extremely helpful and frankly vital.


LIFEstyle 1.0

There are many common lifestyle threads that clusters of centurions share throughout the world. After closely observing these common threads, FIZIKEL'S POWER PILLARS were formed. Let's take a closer look.

think lifestyle

Think Lifestyle

FIZIKEL'S goal is to get you to BE superior to your existing self. We believe if you would BE the person you were designed to be, the 'TRUE YOU' would then emerge resulting in DOING LIFE BETTER and HAVING what you desire... you just need the LIFE formula and roadmap.

Performance Tracker

Performance Tracker

With this spreadsheet, track your fUEL, monitor your iNSPIRE, stay in the zONE, make adjustments as you gain iNSIGHT, record your kINETIC movements, eNGAGE your Power Team and journal your journey as you live the FIZIKEL lifestyle.

Intense stare eyes determined athlete champion glare head shot s

Find Your Fierce

Work the Letters. Be Legendary.

Rise to Modern Athlete Status and Find your Fierce (we all have it, but not all of us know how to access it). This is the most robust membership package we offer. It includes access to all three of our memberships (the FIZIKEL Fitness, Fuel and Fortitude Memberships), but at a much lower price than buying them separately. This is where we ultimately want you to be because we know this is where you're going to see the best success in fitness, sport, and life.

Gain access to:

  • FIZIKEL Fitness Membership
  • FIZIKEL Fuel Membership
  • FIZIKEL Fortitude Membership
Intense stare eyes determined athlete champion glare head shot s